Do-it-yourself Marshmallow in a Funfetti Fashion for the Holidays

Full disclosure: I’m a complete sucker for funfetti desserts. Normally, the store-bought tremendous sugary desserts at youngsters’ birthday events are actually not that tempting to me, however when funfetti enters the image? Resistance is futile. Since all of us clearly want a bit extra enjoyable(fetti) in our lives, I dreamed up a approach to get pleasure from these rainbow cuties by way of the holiday season with (prepare for it) Christmas tree-shaped marshmallows! Properly, you’ll be able to really make them any form you need, however the timber are fairly excellent, don’t you suppose? Have you ever ever made home made marshmallow? They’re a comparatively new factor for me, however I’m actually questioning why it took me so lengthy to get on the practice as a result of they’re really easy. You’re going to freak if you see how a easy mixture of gelatin, sugar, and corn syrup combines to make one thing this fluffy and scrumptious. Pure magic, I inform ya.

It’s a good thing this recipe makes a lot, because you’re going to want to dunk these in steaming cups of cocoa nightly at least once a week and pack them up in cute little bags to gift to all your lucky friends.

Once you’ve mastered this basic recipe, get crazy by mixing up the flavors! Add a little cocoa powder to make these chocolate-y, swap in crushed candy canes for the funfetti sprinkles, or try orange or almond extract in place of the peppermint.

Oooh, or how about using these beauties as the centerpiece to a holiday-themed s’mores situation? So many funfetti-filled ideas in my brain right now.

Cheers to a sweet holiday season, and I’d love to hear in the comments if you give this homemade marshmallow a try! Keep reading for the recipe…

*photos by Molly Winters

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