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When you’ve gotten constipation, bloating and gasoline regardless of being …

Pooping was one thing I did not assume a lot about… till I finished doing it. 

Late final 12 months I shared that I used to be recognized with an H Pylori an infection, a critical bacterial an infection within the abdomen that causes ulcers and might result in most cancers if untreated.

You possibly can learn my authentic put up here, or watch my video on Instagram hereI additionally posted an replace with the particular eating regimen/antibiotic protocol I adopted here

Eradicating my H pylori an infection eradicated a number of of my signs (persistent abdomen aches, extreme belly ache (particularly with an empty abdomen), black/tarry stools, feeling like I’ve the flu, pores and skin itchiness, amongst others).

Nevertheless, I used to be nonetheless having a GIGANTIC HUGE BALLOON BELLY (extreme bloating and distension), persistent constipation, a normal incapacity to empty my bowels, plus nausea, low again ache, and swelling (notably in my hips, low again, and thighs) if I used to be constipated for a number of days after remedy.

I am not exaggerating, see for your self:

Having been vegan since 2007 and plant-based vegan since 2008, I could not perceive why I used to be constipated.

According to Johns Hopkins, the causes of constipation are drugs, lack of train, not sufficient liquids, not sufficient fiber within the eating regimen, IBS, ignoring the urge to have a bowel motion, way of life adjustments (e.g. journey, being pregnant, previous age), issues with intestinal operate, and use of laxatives.

I tracked my fiber and located I used to be consuming nicely over 30g of fiber PER DAY.

I used to be additionally consuming a minimal of 8 glasses of water (I set an alarm to drink an 8-oz cup each hour) strolling at the very least one hour a day (3-4 miles) plus commonly taking yoga and dance lessons on zoom.

I additionally wasn’t touring or pregnant, I undoubtedly wasn’t “holding it”, and I wasn’t on any drugs.  

I had additionally tried the “IBS Food regimen” (low FODMAP) a number of instances and noticed ZERO enchancment. (I had additionally accomplished a number of elimination diets earlier than my H pylori analysis).

This left me with what? Issues with intestinal operate?

Besides I had a colonoscopy, which was regular. I had additionally been seeing a colon hydrotherapist each couple of weeks to take away my impacted waste, and she or he assured me every time my bowel operate was terrific. 

I learn 14 totally different books on “intestine well being” together with The Good Gut by Erica & Justin Sonnenburg which I feel is #1 one of the best e book on this subject and Fiber Fueled by Will Bulsiewicz which I really feel is second greatest (and likewise extra plant-based/vegan particular). 

Level is, EVERY BOOK mentioned to eat MORE fiber and eat/drink fermented meals like kefir, yogurt, miso, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, and so forth for intestine well being and constipation aid.

Let me inform you, I used to be pounding kombucha and kefir water like a champ. I used to be additionally consuming a great deal of plant-based yogurt and fermented meals. My eating regimen was primarily uncooked greens with a couple of uncooked fruits, small quantities of beans and lentils, plus boiled/cooked potatoes and GF oat bran sizzling cereal (to maximise my fiber).

I felt like a gorilla reaching upwards of 100g of fiber per day…

and but I used to be getting sicker and sicker. 

I additionally tried taking the prebiotic fiber “dietary supplements” advisable by Dr. B in Fiber Fueled equivalent to acacia, inulin, and psyllium husk. I took care to take a pure type of the complement, e.g. psyllium husk from the shop and never “Metamucil” that has plenty of unusual components. 

They made every part so. a lot. worse. The ache was excruciating. 

HOWEVER, psyllium husk was a revelation to my husband who suffers from an IBD.

Again to me: ultimately my stomach turned so giant my family and friends confused concern. 

After an exhaustive quantity of analysis and “pondering exterior the field” I lastly discovered my trigger.

Listed here are a couple of key details that you must know:

  1. The intense bloating and distension occurred because of constipation. 
  2. A excessive fiber eating regimen exacerbates the difficulty.

My GI defined it to me like this: As a result of I (or anybody on a principally complete meals plant-based eating regimen) devour a lot fiber, that causes much more fermentation and bloating. “A excessive fiber eating regimen is nice IF you are not already constipated,” he mentioned, “including fiber on high of constipation, nevertheless, is asking for excessive bloating ache.” 

My GI additionally mentioned consuming and consuming all these fermented meals made it even worse. I already had numerous fermentation happening (that is what the bloating and distension is) I did not want so as to add MORE of that. 

He additionally famous I ought to completely not take any form of fiber complement once I’m already constipated.

He additionally recommended once I was constipated, to nonetheless eat my complete meals, plant-based eating regimen, however to chop again on “ruffage” and meals that ferment (FODMAPs).

My GI did not suggest a low fiber eating regimen to me; he famous that too would make issues worse. He inspired me to take care of my “dietary way of life” however mentioned that I wanted to assist my physique out by consuming plant meals that have been simpler to digest.

Initially, I could not consider a physician was suggesting that I eat much less kale… however then I noticed the suggestions within the books I learn, or the rules on the web, these aren’t for ME or a plant-based vegan. They’re for individuals who aren’t already consuming numerous fiber.

Backside line: My excessive fiber “good intestine” eating regimen was part of the issue. 

HOWEVER, my GI did not suggest a low fiber eating regimen to me; he famous that too would make issues worse. 

Curiously, my colon hydrotherapist had made comparable statements to me beforehand. She pointed to all of the yeast (foam) popping out within the waste tube. In actual fact, over HALF of the tube was foam such as you see on high of a beer. You should not have ANY foam! 

She mentioned to me, “Wow you’ve gotten numerous yeast and fermentation! No marvel your stomach was so large. You need to cease consuming fermented meals and meals that simply ferment for some time.”

To my complete and full shock, they each additionally requested me to cease taking my dear probiotic. 

Just like the fermented meals, they believed the probiotic was making the state of affairs worse.

My GI additionally scheduled me for a colonoscopy, out of an abundance of warning since my H pylori an infection was slightly extreme and I would been having these points for over two years. He additionally thought it was the one strategy to cease my constipation cycle. 

This is how you recognize I used to be really constipated:The drugs for the colonoscopy prep didn’t work.

All day lengthy I used to be trying ahead to my “pooping safari” (lastly emptying my bowels) besides nothing occurred. I waited two hours and known as the emergency quantity. The physician on name had me take the second dose. That also did not work. 

The on-call physician then made me do two rounds of enemas in the course of the night time (a brand new and never nice expertise for me). 

THAT appeared to shake some issues free, however I confirmed up for my colonoscopy undecided I would truly be capable to get one. 

Thankfully (?) they have been capable of clear me out whereas I used to be asleep. 

For the subsequent week or so I felt nice. Being much less aggressive about my fiber consumption, forgoing the fermented meals, and ditching my probiotic appeared to assist. 

Then my abdomen ballooned up once more.

At this level, I turned deeply depressed and began to marvel if I might proceed to dwell like this…

Speaking issues out with a detailed girlfriend, we realized the one factor that had modified was I had resumed taking my nutritional vitamins after the colonoscopy. 

(For 3 days previous to the colonoscopy I used to be advised to not take something, after which I would forgotten to begin once more a couple of days after).

Background:About 3 years ago I experienced massive “burnout” from years of workaholism. My 80-90 hour work weeks with out breaks caught up with me.  

My NP recognized me with “adrenal fatigue” (HPA Axis dysfunction) and my “common” physician mentioned my thyroid hormones have been barely out of whack. I wasn’t prepared to take medicine, so each medical doctors recommended dietary supplements (plus quitting my job and in any other case transferring at a slower tempo) to assist restore my physique with out medicine. 

Initially I resisted taking dietary supplements, too. I had an extended standing private perception that “meals is thy medication” and absent emergency dietary deficiencies or another critical limitation, it’s best to get the products straight from nature.

But I used to be additionally I used to be scared I would trigger long-term penalties if my hormones did not re-regulate and I used to be determined to really feel higher, so I caved and took a handful of dietary supplements most individuals are prescribed (e.g. Vitamin D, Omega 3s).


Inside days of stopping the dietary supplements, I used to be spontaneously healed. 

I have been feeling good with ZERO points ever since.

I’ve subsequently spent a substantial amount of time researching and have discovered there’s a good dimension physique of proof that a number of supplements lead to constipation or decreased bowel motility or slower bowel transit. 


  • iron (consists of each day nutritional vitamins or prenatal nutritional vitamins)
  • calcium (consists of issues “fortified” with calcium like some packaged meals)
  • protein powders (consists of protein drinks and meals with added protein like “protein cookies” or “excessive protein cereal”) *this consists of vegan protein powders!
  • cinnamon
  • berberine 
  • nattokinase
  • chlorella
  • NAC (N-acetyl cysteine)
  • beta-sitosterol
  • vitamin D
  • omega-3
  • ubiquinol (co-enzyme 10)
  • NSAIDs (e.g. Advil)
  • Antihystiamines 


It is solely what I discovered throughout my very own analysis and studying about dietary supplements and constipation usually. 

In case you are taking any form of vitamin, complement, or medication, and you’ve got my signs or another thriller GI subject you can not seem to pinpoint, take into account doing a web-based seek for “vitamin title + constipation” and see if any research or articles from trusted sources (e.g. Healthline) come up.

For instance, if you happen to search “NAC constipation”, you will discover this study on “Adverse reactions associated with acetylcysteine” which lists constipation.

It is also essential to see the dose quantity used within the research.A research might say “solely excessive quantities of this complement trigger constipation” however what do they take into account “excessive”???? Your dose, even whether it is lower than what your physician or the bottle recommends, should still be thought of “excessive” by the requirements within the research. 

You may additionally want to finish a “constipation search” for every of the elements (e.g. inactive and lively elements). 

OR you could possibly simply ditch the dietary supplements for a couple of weeks and see if you happen to heal 😉 

I additionally need to add that I spent an unbelievable period of time researching the dietary supplements I took. I made positive they have been vegan, freed from frequent allergens, made within the USA or EU, from a good firm, natural and fair-trade the place potential, and so forth. and so forth.

Mainly the dietary supplements I took have been the cream of the crop and a number of the most costly dietary supplements in the marketplace. I used to be paying round $120/mo for my dietary supplements.

But NONE OF THAT MATTERED. If “Vitamin X” causes constipation, then it actually would not matter what the capsule is produced from or the supply it’s derived from, does it? 


One factor I discovered digging deep within the analysis on my hormonal points was how constipation (and hormone remedy) is a typical explanation for constipation, however that’s not commonly disclosed to girls.

It’s also value noting that having hormone points may trigger constipation so it’s value getting a full thyroid panel and different bloodwork to rule that out as a trigger, particularly if you’re a girl.

Just a few final PSA’s: 


In the event you watch ALONE (on the Historical past Channel), you may recall a contestant from a current season needed to depart due to their constipation and the toxins brought on by it. She (the constipated lady) turned very sick. 

Continual constipation has additionally been recommended because the true explanation for Elvis Presley’s demise… 


There are a great deal of research on this. Pooping makes everybody happier.


In case you are vegan, plant-based and have the bloating and constipated like I did:

  • Keep away from fermented meals till the difficulty resolves 
  • Keep away from dry and dehydrated meals like crackers. You need meals with moisture.
  • Keep away from flour merchandise (GF included)
  • Cease consuming remoted something. Respect the meals matrix.
  • Do an web search to see in case your complement or medicine is linked to constipation.
  • Take into account making an attempt a popsicle/broth (clear liquid) quick for 24-48 hours to “reset” your system. 
  • Stroll after meals and each day (motion stimulates motion).
  • Take a break from probiotics to see if it helps.
  • Drink extra water. Excessive fiber diets require extra water than you assume.
  • Have your MICRONUTRIENT ranges checked (vitamin B12, D, E, Magnesium, Copper, Selenium & Zinc).
  • In case your ranges are low; take into account consuming meals wealthy in what you want as a substitute of taking “nutritional vitamins” and “dietary supplements.”
  • Strive a magnesium complement if you happen to’re constipated.
  • Take a stool softener or enema if you happen to’re struggling.
  • Discuss positively to your physique. Anytime I poop I inform my physique “good job! nice work!” 

Once I was actually backed up, I might do a saline enema, or ideally, see my colon hydrotherapist to get flushed out. I merely couldn’t go any longer being so impacted (2-4 kilos of waste was eliminated every time). 

After the colonoscopy and “clear liquid quick” my GI prescribed taking Miralax twice a day (AM and PM) for 2 weeks to get my system working once more. 

Once I continued to have actions alone with out help, I used to be advised to take Metamucil. I do’t need to take Metamucil as a result of the elements are regarding to me, so I am utilizing ColonBroom.

It has been somewhat over per week and I am nonetheless common with out bloating so I am going to hold at it a short time longer. It does make your stool have mucous, which is perhaps… stunning to you, however remind your self that it is principally lube so issues slide out and do not get caught 😉


What I’ve described right here just isn’t ‘typical’ bloating, gasoline, or GI upset. (See footage above). It’s EXTREME.

In case you are comparatively new to a plant-centered eating regimen, you might expertise some gasoline and bloating andthat’s regular. 


  • Take digestive enzymes equivalent to Rainbow Mild (covers every part) or Beano, which is restricted to beans.
  • Make the most of over-the-counter drugs equivalent to GasX that may assist present aid. ​For a extra ‘pure’ method, you should use Gaia’s gasoline and bloating tea or their gasoline and bloating natural drugs. Papaya enzyme (dietary complement) can be taken.
  • GO SLOW with fiber. For instance, if you happen to’re having stir-fry veggies for dinner, it is perhaps greatest (for now) to serve that with white rice slightly than brown rice. Likewise, it is perhaps good to keep away from uncooked greens (e.g. salads, child carrots as a snack) for now and concentrate on consuming your greens cooked rather well. ​In case your eating regimen wasn’t excessive in fiber earlier than, it’s essential to take it gradual if you wish to keep away from gasoline. I went from consuming a vegan eating regimen that was excessive in refined and processed meals (e.g. white pasta, white bread, white rice, frozen meals like Boca Burgers) to a “complete meals” plant-based eating regimen that was all greens, brown rice, beans, and fruits, and my physique was not having it! I needed to again off and eat extra 50/50 (e.g. veggies with white rice). I additionally needed to initially restrict beans to 1/4-cup per meal. 
  • You could be a wholesome vegan and by no means eat beans, legumes, or cruciferous greens. So in the event that they trouble you, omit them and don’t be concerned about it. So long as you get sufficient energy and are not consuming primarily processed meals you will be okay absent particular medical situations.
  • Cook dinner your meals rather well (and chew it to mush). Boiling is one of the best. Pureeing meals (e.g. pureed veg soup or hummus) can be simpler to digest. I additionally discover soaking my rice earlier than cooking it makes it simpler to digest. For cooking beans and lentils, I carry the pot to a boil, then dump that water and begin over. Appears to make a distinction. Some folks discover a small piece of seaweed added to the beans/lentils when cooking improves digestion however that by no means made a lot distinction for my stomach.
  • Eat smaller parts. Overeating (particularly on plant meals) will trigger backup and big bloating.
  • Consuming a lot of water (8-oz hourly) and strolling each day helps transfer issues alongside and constipation could cause gasoline and bloat
  • ‘Opposite’ to what you learn on the web, if you happen to’re having numerous gasoline and distention, fermented meals aren’t all the time useful and might make issues worse. Keep away from kombucha and different fermented issues till your bloat/gasoline is gone.
  • If you’re using my simple, easy, plant-based vegan meal plans, keep away from the slimming choices for now. Wait till your abdomen has adjusted. (The ‘slimming’ choices have far more fiber and are designed to supply a exercise on your guts to make the most of the thermic impact — that you must get your stomach in form for that first!) 

Due to the a whole bunch of people that have messaged me since my authentic posts to share your tales with me. I’m so glad my story can provide you solutions and hope and hugs to all of the individuals who shared their very own restoration tales with me. 


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