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The sensual kind is somebody who’s turned on by all of their senses being ignited. That is somebody who loves tastes, odor. They wish to stroll into a ravishing setting after they’re coming into their erotic play. They convey the artistry. And so the superpower of sensual is that they’ve full-body entry to orgasmic pleasure by means of sensations—it isn’t all the time a genital-focused orgasm. It could possibly be one thing like any person feeding you a scrumptious piece of chocolate whereas they lick the again of your knee.

The energetic kind is somebody who’s turned on by anticipation, house, tease, longing, craving. Chances are you’ll be an brisk in case you really feel every thing earlier than the kiss occurs. It’s like, Oh my god, oh my god, we’re going to kiss. We’re going to kiss, ah. That feeling. You’re very, very delicate, so it doesn’t take a lot to show you on. It’s like dropping a pebble into water. Should you drop the pebble into water, the ripples will exit.

The sexual kind is somebody who’s turned on by what we consider as intercourse in our tradition. Nudity, genitals, orgasm, penetration—these are a few of the issues the sexual loves. The superpower of the sexual is that normally turn-on is fairly simple: You’ll be able to go from zero to sixty rapidly. It’s not that there’s an absence of depth, however there’s a simplicity. It’s like, I really like this. That is what works. Let’s do that. It’s very simple in some methods; it’s simpler to entry arousal by means of the genitals.

The kinky kind is somebody who’s turned on by the taboo. There are a few totally different sorts of kinky varieties: One is extra psychological, the place it’s in regards to the energy dynamics. One is extra sensation-based, the place it’s extra in regards to the feeling of ropes on their pores and skin or influence play or intense sensation that arises. It’s not essentially what we consider as kink, although; it’s about what’s taboo for you.

The shapeshifter kind is somebody who’s turned on by every thing the sensual, sexual, kinky, and energetic varieties are turned on by. The superpower of a shapeshifter is that they’ll shapeshift to be a tremendous lover to anybody. They will say, “Oh, my associate is a sensual—I’ll shapeshift to be a sensual.” And so they’re turned on by that.

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