What Slang Do You Use?


Once we have been first relationship, Alex was taking endlessly to prepare for dinner. (He’s a big primper.) I referred to as down the corridor, “Hurry up, child!” His reply? “I’ll be there in two shakes.”

As in, two shakes of a LAMB’S TAIL.

Over the following few months, he saved busting out idioms. If somebody was chatty, he’d say “they flap their gums.” If he had a lighthearted dialog, he’d inform me, “we had a chinwag.” One time, we have been working late, and he stated, “We’ve to beat cheeks,” which made me snicker endlessly.

We be taught a number of slang throughout childhood, proper? After rising up in Michigan, I take advantage of a bunch of midwest phrases — salty as a substitute of grouchy, pop as a substitute of soda. And our British pal, whereas internet hosting a cocktail party, all of a sudden fearful that she would run out of meals. She pulled a couple of shut pals over and stated, “FHB.” We have been confused, so she defined: “household maintain again,” which meant we must always maintain off on filling our plates till visitors had gotten sufficient.

In the meantime, today, eight-year-old Anton principally speaks one other language. He makes use of a lot new-to-us slang, together with “sus” (all the pieces is sus today) and “flex” (as in, “my pals have been flexing round their crushes”), I’ve to work to maintain up.

Now, I’m curious: What slang do you employ? Or humorous idioms? The place did you develop up? Please share under…

P.S. English words that should exist, and my favorite new vocabulary word.

(Picture by Ali Lanenga/Stocksy.)

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