The 7 Finest Cooking Suggestions I Discovered From Reddit

In an effort to steer my display screen consideration away from Instagram and Twitter in 2020, I discovered myself diving deep into an internet world I by no means thought I’d go close to: Reddit. Some would possibly say the positioning, based partly by Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian in 2005, is simply as poisonous because the aforementioned apps, and I’m positive that may be true, however Reddit has one thing Twitter and Instagram lack: boards which can be moderated—typically very diligently—to help considerate dialog. There are communities (referred to as subreddits) for all the things from music and uplifting information to The Actual Housewives franchise, however one I’ve discovered to be nothing however pure goodness is r/Cooking. “A spot for the cooks of Reddit and those that wish to discover ways to prepare dinner,” I fall squarely into the latter class, and have gleaned a number of the greatest cooking ideas following the subreddit’s energetic conversations.

In Cooking Reddit, there aren’t any dumb questions, solely considerate solutions. It’s a refuge of help for kitchen-based frustration. (“A moment of silence for the chicken stock I just poured drain the drain whilst straining it” stays a favourite publish.) It’s the form of place Amy Adams’ character in Julie and Julia would virtually actually have visited—and, maybe, annoyed some people—to share her journey Mastering the Artwork of French Cooking. For a novice like myself, visiting Cooking Reddit can really feel like tapping right into a wealth of utterly free information—all delivered in an unpretentious, usually witty method. It’s completely probably the greatest locations on the web.  

I’ve been mining the discussion board for over a yr and saving the occasional thread that catches my eye alongside the best way. Forward of the cooking-heavy holidays, I assumed I’d share a few of my favourite r/Cooking gems.

Baking Bacon

Someone was so moved by a particular cooking tip, they made a brand new post to thank the nameless Redditor who shared their grandmother’s bacon recipe. The sport-changing ingredient: flour. “Only a gentle dredge on both aspect, lay the slices on a foil-covered baking sheet, then bake for 25 minutes in a 350-degree F oven. No shrinkage, completely crispy. Chef’s kiss!”

Spread the Love

u/Jako_Spade posed the question: in the event you’re solely allowed to make use of one model of butter for the remainder of your life, which might select? The clear winner: velvet-soft Irish gem and chef-preferred KerryGold. Nevertheless, Le Prés Salés deserves an honorable point out, as does Dealer Joe’s cultured salted butter.

One Has to Go

After trying to crown the best pasta shape (most agreed it depends on the sauce), it was time to select the worst. Or as u/BitPoet put it, “the friendship-ending degree of unhealthy pasta, the place it’s not simply one thing you’d by no means purchase, however flies the ‘I’m a horrible one that solely has hatred of their coronary heart’ flag.”

Harsh for the winner, penne lisce (easy penne), however truthful! In any case, it was the only pasta left on the cabinets of Italy through the early days of the pandemic.

State Pride

One adventurous chef (and Instagrammer) wished to prepare dinner 50 totally different dishes to symbolize the US, in order that they polled r/Cooking to find the recipe that best represents each state. Understandably, the responses have been passionate. From Maryland, there was a crab feast with Outdated Bay seasoning. Over in Indiana, Hoosier breaded pork tenderloin sandwich was the primary attraction. Texas introduced brisket barbeque to the desk, and for dessert, scotcharoos from Iowa.

Hacks That Heal

Have you made a cooking discovery that absolutely changed the game for you? u/Leonardo-di-Caprisun found two (chicken stock cubes in pasta water and using scissors to cut just about anything, including chicken thighs), and wanted to know what other “weird but life-changing” hacks different customers needed to provide.

A couple of favorites:

From u/JMSidhe: “Including a splash of orange juice to pumpkin or banana bread. The acidity actually provides some brightness towards the spices.

From u/dalore: “Baking powder in your hen pores and skin makes it additional crispy.”

From u/365seats: “Hold ginger within the freezer. Use a micro aircraft or grater to grate the frozen ginger into sauces, fried rice, and many others.”

From u/calinet6: “Okay, folks name me loopy, they name me nuts, they snigger at me, they usually downvote me each time I deliver this up. However… the microwave is extraordinarily helpful for potatoes in a pinch to hurry up the entire course of… Even higher, for frying up crispy potatoes, chop up and toss with a bit olive oil and salt and pepper, then microwave with a lid for 5 minutes, then straight right into a forged iron pan to get them crispy. It simply speeds all the things up they usually come out scrumptious.”

And a private favourite, from u/mmcookingchannel: “Cease chopping the ends off of issues earlier than chopping them. Use the tip as a deal with.”

Comfort Food

Only in r/Cooking could an election post be completely pure and apolitical. Last November, u/rawlingstones asked what everyone was stress eating for the occasion. Most did a variation on “smashed purple grapes from Spain. A complete bottle of them,” however some received inventive. There have been s’mores within the air fryer and Dealer Joe’s corn cookies. Somebody who finds distraction in labor-intensive meals tasks determined to make a dish to symbolize each swing state (first up: tator tot casserole from Minnesota). One consumer truly found a Forties-era recipe for “Election Cake” made with lemons and raisins, which they reported was surprisingly tasty.

Bragging Rights

This fall, u/sir002 asked the question I can’t believe I’d never thought to pose to the r/Cooking community: what’s everyone’s best recipe? From bolognese and tartar sauce to sticky toffee pudding, components have been shared and secrets and techniques have been spilled. HarperCollins, take be aware.

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