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my vegan Digestive nightmare + what it lastly took to repair my intestine (I’ve h pylori)

I’ve spent the final 2 years in agony, with unexplained and seemingly irrational GI signs. My signs additionally grew to become progressively worse over time. 

(I will checklist my signs under).

Unable to pinpoint what should be blamed for my signs alone, I consulted with a specialist who advised me to take away espresso, wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts. I used to be additionally prescribed a probiotic that contained ox bile and bone broth.

I took neither, not as a result of I used to be vegan, however as a result of it was too “woo woo” for me.  (I am a girl that likes cures which have scientific assist.) Plus, ox bile is understood to trigger digestive issues corresponding to diarrhea, constipation, abdomen ache, and vomiting and I did not want any extra of THAT.

I did comply with the “elimination” weight loss program although, but I nonetheless didn’t really feel higher. 

It was then steered to me take away beans and lentils along with what I would already eradicated. When that additionally didn’t work, I used to be suggested to remove all grains (e.g. oats, quinoa, and rice) plus all cruciferous greens, even my beloved kale. 

I used to be mainly consuming solely potatoes, spinach, greens, and a few fruits. 

THIS weight loss program appeared to work, however I used to be nonetheless having random “flare-ups” (although admittedly much less continuously) and I frightened that this “weight loss program” was too restricted/unhealthy. Plus it wasn’t sustainable long-term…

Out of desperation, I paid $399 for Viome, a “well being intelligence take a look at” that gives an “in-depth evaluation of your microbial, human, and mitochondrial gene expressions.” Principally, the take a look at outcomes counsel to you what meals to eat/keep away from primarily based in your poop/micro organism. 

All this take a look at did was additional shrink the checklist of meals “I may eat.”

I felt depressed, hopeless. 

But I nonetheless adopted my Viome dietary “tips” and felt even worse. I used to be additionally extraordinarily fatigued and weak on that “weight loss program.”

Inevitably I migrated again to the weight loss program that had been working considerably beforehand, although I didn’t reintroduce the handful of meals Viome advised me to “keep away from” (e.g. cashews, tomatoes, lettuce, black tea, espresso, dates, and some others). Viome did, nevertheless, validate my long-standing perception I used to be “allergic” to broccoli, in order that’s one thing I suppose.

I ended up taking the Viome take a look at a second time a number of months later to see if I had improved. Sadly, my “keep away from checklist” grew even longer. My “score” for the way “wholesome” my intestine biome was additionally went from a C- to an F (*word: Viome would not really use this kind of grading scale however it’s a truthful analogy).

That is once I turned to science for assist.

I devoured each ebook I may discover on intestine well being. After studying 12 completely different books, I began consuming kombucha, consuming fermented meals (e.g. miso and saurkraut) and vegan yogurt every day.  

I additionally upgraded to an costly $40/mo probiotic and chugged celery juice each morning for 60 days. I used to be additionally dutifully consuming over 30g of pure fiber (no fiber dietary supplements) per day *and* I began supplementing with magnesium. (I still really love Calm, btw). 

These efforts might have helped a bit, however I wasn’t “cured.”

Subsequent, I attempted to eat very, very merely (suppose steamed kale + candy potato and nothing else) in addition to consuming smaller, extra frequent meals. simply in case “quantity” was the issue.

Nothing was working and my signs saved getting worse and worse. 

Ultimately, I received to the purpose the place I might solely eat a handful of meals. 

If I solely ate these meals, I had no signs more often than not. Nonetheless, if I diverted from my “protected meals” checklist, it was a 50/50 gamble with no rhyme or cause. For instance, on Tuesday I might eat kale and tofu plain and really feel superb, however on Friday I might blow up and endure for the subsequent three days after consuming the identical tofu and kale.

This was my “protected meals” checklist: potatoes, candy potatoes, strawberries, steamed zucchini, cooked carrots, all squashes (stress cooked), frozen spinach (cooked), tomatoes (typically), brazil nuts, and unsweetened almond milk. 

My overly restrictive weight loss program (coupled with my worry and dread of consuming) finally brought on me to lose an excessive amount of weight, which subsequently brought on endocrine (hormonal) points. At that time, I used to be scared and terrified. 

That is when then sought out two completely different pure paths, feeling my “common” physician was failing me. Each NPs thought I had a meals allergy and/or IBS or SIBO, though I did not have most SIBO signs. (SIBO = small intestinal micro organism overgrowth). I additionally felt moderately assured it wasn’t a particular meals allergy/sensitivity after TWO YEARS of varied elimination diets. 

Ultimately, after intensive googling, I discovered about H Pylori (a micro organism an infection that causes ulcers) and felt moderately assured I had it. 

I ended up paying $350 for a GI Map, which examined me for all recognized viruses, micro organism, worms, parasites, and different nasty critters.   

My take a look at outcomes confirmed I had H pylori.

Armed with my take a look at outcomes, I noticed a brand new physician and requested for the antibiotic cocktail that’s used to deal with H pylori. I additionally requested my husband to get examined as a result of I did not need him to provide it again to me if he had it. 

When my signs began enhancing after  couple of days (and my bowel actions began being regular)  I posted a video to my Instagram, telling my story and crying my eyes out. 

Almost 100 completely different folks have emailed me since, thanking me for sharing my story as a result of in addition they felt as misplaced and hopeless of their endure. A number of dozen extra advised me their H pylori tales. Lots of them had been wrongly identified with IBS or meals allergy symptoms when what they actually had was H Pylori. 

I made a decision to create this weblog put up as a PSA and since I’ve made a dedication to you to all the time be clear about my journey on the freeway to well being. 

IF YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM TUMMY TROUBLES I strongly encourage you to get examined for H Pylori. 

When you take the breath or blood take a look at, and get a unfavourable outcome, however your signs persist, it could be worthwhile so that you can take the poop take a look at for H pylori, because the fecal antigen take a look at is the best, according to this study.

When you’re nonetheless unfavourable, a GI Map might assist determine your drawback, and if that can also be fully unfavourable, a colonoscopy would possibly assist determine the supply of your ache. (That was my subsequent step). A number of GI situations (eg Crohns illness) can often solely be confidently identified by means of a colonoscopy. 


  • An ache or burning ache in your stomach
  • Belly ache that is worse when your abdomen is empty
  • Nausea
  • Lack of urge for food
  • Frequent burping
  • Bloating
  • Unintentional weight reduction
  • Extreme or persistent stomach ache
  • Problem swallowing
  • Bloody or black tarry stools
  • Bloody or black vomit or vomit that appears like espresso grounds

I had 8/10 of these signs (I didn’t have burping or black vomit).

My “bloating” was additionally excessive; I seemed 6-7 months pregnant. I needed to maintain my abdomen once I walked.

The bloating was additionally so extreme that it made it tough for me to breathe or sleep at evening. I had ache in my diaphragm in consequence.

By way of stomach ache, I had normal ache within the space, varied types of cramping, again ache (throughout constipation), despair, irritation in my higher legs and surrounding stomach, and these lightning-like “shocks” that tore by means of my bowels and brought on me to actually fall to my knees and scream in ache. 

As you may think about, I have been researching H Pylori like loopy ever since my prognosis and consider (primarily based on the analysis and proof) that the one recognized, confirmed remedy for H Pylori is a robust (particular) antibiotic routine. That’s what I am on. 

H pylori just isn’t one thing that may be “cured” with dietary intervention HOWEVER when you have h Pylori, there are some meals it is best to keep away from when you are therapeutic (4-6 weeks) and a few meals that could possibly be useful. Source.


Thanks for letting me share my story, I hope it helps somebody. 

ULTIMATELY, this was an epic REMINDER to me that it’s a must to be your individual advocate.

When you really feel that one thing is improper in your physique, belief that.  Nobody is extra of an skilled on you than you! 

xo Lindsay 

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