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My Digestive Nightmare UPDATE (my h pylori food plan and treatme…

Again in December, I used to be identified with h pylori, a critical bacterial an infection within the abdomen that causes ulcers.

You’ll be able to learn my authentic publish here, or watch my video on Instagram here.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: My latest stool take a look at got here NEGATIVE for h pylori!!

This implies my therapy protocol labored!! (I am going to share what I did EXACTLY beneath)  

Eradicating H pylori, and subsequently therapeutic the ulcers attributable to them, eradicated a number of of my digestive pains and signs.

UNFORTUNATELY, it didn’t remove all of my tummy troubles 🙁 🙁


Signs I STOPPED HAVING after H pylori therapy:persistent abdomen aches, uninteresting ache, burning ache within the stomach, extreme stomach ache (“lightning” shocks that tore via me), “hearth within the stomach” burning sensations, SEVERE stomach ache when my abdomen is empty, black/tarry stools, rotten onion smelling stools, nausea, lack of urge for food, excessive fatigue, power decrease again ache, insomnia (on account of ache), hiccups, burping, bloating after meals, complications, uncommon weight fluctuations, feeling like I’ve the flu (particularly after a BM), pores and skin itchiness (principally round my ribs), and others I am forgetting.

Signs I’m nonetheless having:A GIGANTIC HUGE BALLOON BELLY (extreme bloating/distention), persistent constipation, a basic incapability to empty bowels every day, and nausea/low again ache/leg swellingif I’m constipated for a number of days.

The brand new GI I am seeing mentioned my massive stomach was the results of power constipation. He defined that meals is actually caught; fermenting in my intestine, and that fermentation causes gasoline, which is trapped, therefore the massive balloon stomach. 

HOW *I* AM CONSTIPATED is an actual head-scratcher.

I eat properly over 70g of fiber per day and drink a minimal of 50-ounces of water. My food plan is primarily greens for crying out loud!

My excessive fiber food plan is a part of the issue, nevertheless. 

My GI mentioned as a result of I eat a lot fiber, that causes much more fermentation and bloating. He mentioned a excessive fiber food plan is nice IF you are not already constipated. Including fiber on high of constipation, nevertheless, is asking for ache, he defined. 

HOWEVER, he did not suggest a low fiber food plan as that too would make issues worse.

My GI felt I wanted a complete “reset.”That’s, I wanted to utterly clear my bowels and begin once more to finish this vicious cycle. 

He prescribed a laxative that I took twice a day (AM and PM). If that did not work after a few days, I used to be going to take a colonoscopy prep equipment that clears your bowels. 

Thankfully, after 5 days of the double dose, issues cleared out. I continued with the routine for one more week or so, based mostly on my physician’s orders. (Principally he wished to ensure I used to be having every day actions for some time and as soon as I used to be, we eased up on the “assist.”)

As for “why” I used to be constipated to start with, My GI mentioned it may very well be an “overgrowth” of “dangerous micro organism” as a result of h pylori an infection or antibiotics, or each, or it might simply be that my system was caught in a detrimental loop cycle from having a lot misery for YEARS.

I additionally paid a small fortune ($1,106) for 2 extra impartial allergy/meals sensitivity exams.

The exams utterly contradicted one another. For instance, one take a look at recognized almonds as an “allergy” whereas one other mentioned I had no response to almonds and the opposite mentioned I wanted to eat extra almonds to heal my intestine. 


  1. Antibiotics I took the ‘customary’ antibiotic cocktail given to sufferers with h pylori: clarithromycin, metronidazole,andamoxicillin.

    I took this ‘triple risk’ for 14 days. Observe: Some h pylori are resistant to those antibiotics, however my GI Map take a look at confirmed I wasn’t resistant. For me, this one other good thing about the GI Map (discussed in this post).

    HOW DID I FEEL ON ANTIBIOTICS? Apart from feeling very, very drained, I did not really feel too dangerous on antibiotics. I did have some diarrhea, however after years of constipation, it felt like a reward.

  2. Probiotics A number of scientific trials that point out probiotics can cut back the unwanted side effects of H. pylori therapy and improve general efficacy. Related study 1. Related study 2.

    I took this strong probiotic2x every day. I additionally like their ladies’s formulation and was taking it for a couple of months previous to my prognosis.

    I additionally subsequently added Florastor to my routine after a colleague despatched me a research displaying that Florastor helps throughout antibiotic therapy. (Observe: It wasn’t till I would been taking Florastor for a couple of days that I noticed it is not technically vegan… oh properly).

  3. Plain, unsweetened vegan yogurt

    A number of girlfriends warned me, “eat yogurt on antibiotics otherwise you’ll get a yeast an infection!” so I complied.

    I select UNSWEETENED for a lot of causes, however the principle two being: 1) sugar selectively feeds the dangerous micro organism in your intestine (and I did not need the dangerous micro organism in my intestine getting any extra “assist”) 2) sugar in the diet negatively affects gut transit time, bile acid metabolism, and bacterial fermentation, according to this study.

    As somebody who was affected by power constipation and excessive bloating/distention, I did not need to eat something that made my GI course of issues even slower!

    Manufacturers I ate: SO Scrumptious unsweetened coconut milk yogurt (plain or vanilla), Cucina plain unsweetened, and Kite Hill’s unsweetened Greek-style yogurt (plain or vanilla). 

  4. Mastic Gum Mastic Gum is the “woo woo” “different” therapy for H pylori. The analysis on whether or not or not mastic gum can really eradicate an h pylori an infection is each restricted and combined for my part, however what I did collect from studying the completely different research is that sufferers who take mastic gum WITH antibiotics usually have one of the best success charges.

    There’s additionally some (impartial) proof that mastic gum can assist ease the ache of abdomen ulcers, which individuals with h pylori usually have (and I did) so I took it to “double my odds” and as a possible “ache reliever.” I feel it helped and took MG for an extra 2-3 weeks after I completed the antibiotics.

  5. Antacids

    I did not take these as a result of I could not discover any with out questionable components, however my GI physician recommends them throughout therapy to assist soothe all of the ache. 


Let me be tremendous clear on this truth: YOU CANNOT TREAT AN H PYLORI INFECTION WITH DIET ALONE.

H pylori just isn’t a diet-related sickness. h pylori is a micro organism. I had a micro organism an infection.The most effective course of therapy for any extreme micro organism an infection is antibiotic therapy. Kale cannot treatment sepsis. 

HOWEVER, there are some meals that may assist ease your signs and help your combat towards the an infection. There are additionally some meals that may make your signs really feel even worse.

For what it is value, I DID attempt each food plan you possibly can think about previous to my prognosis in search of aid. Nothing “labored” or “cured” me. You can read about my extremely limited diet/special diets I tried previously here.

Along with the elimination diets, I additionally tried water fasting, which made my signs 10,000 instances worse (I am barely exaggerating).

Since folks with ulcers are likely to really feel extra ache when their abdomen is empty, it is not all that shocking that having a perpetually empty abdomen was pure agony for me. I additionally not too long ago discovered one study and some articles about fasting during Ramadan and that it wasn’t beneficial if the practitioner has an ulcer. Intermittent fasting (fasting 16 hours, consuming 8 hours) did not assist however wasn’t as painful because the water quick. Ready 4 hours between meals additionally did not “assist” and did make my signs worse.  

OVERALL, I discovered consuming small quantities (e.g., 6-oz of yogurt with a couple of berries, oatmeal with 1/2 bananas, 2 cups of soup) each 1-2 hours was the gentlest possibility for fueling myself. extra particulars beneath >>>


I adopted the low acid food plan for 4 weeks to cut back the ache/signs attributable to the ulcers (attributable to the h pylori an infection) and to additionally assist my physique HEAL the ulcers as soon as the an infection inflicting them was gone.

I deserted my breakfast/lunch/dinner routine utterly and ate small quantities of meals each 1-2 hours. I additionally stopped consuming 3-4 hours earlier than bedtime. 

Examples of my meals beneath >>> 


    Mushy, pre-digested meals like hummus, mashed potatoes, and applesauce are light on a torn-up tummy.

    Uncooked greens and enormous servings of something are more likely to trigger excessive ache. Boiling greens is beneficial throughout therapy to assist with digestion and keep away from any attainable pathogens. It might even be useful to keep away from salt, but that recommendation is a stretch.

    When it comes to precise research, fermented meals (e.g. miso, tempeh, kimchi, sauerkraut) and turmeric have been shown to help treat ulcers. Fermented meals can also assist stop reinfection, according to this study. Ditto for omega-3 wealthy meals, according to this study.


  • sizzling cereal 
  • spoonfuls of coconut milk yogurt 
  • buckwheat porridge
  • cooked quinoa (about 1/3-cup)
  • 1/2 mashed candy potato
  • mashed potatoes
  • 1/2 banana with just a little almond butter
  • boiled crimson potatoes (about 2-3 potatoes)
  • canned pumpkin with cinnamon 
  • yummy tummy broth
  • applesauce
  • pureed soups (e.g. butternut soup, creamed carrot soup, leek-potato soup, pureed lentil soup)
  • rice noodles
  • a big brazil nut 
  • rice pudding (overcooked rice with almond milk)
  • hummus (blended chickpeas, garlic, broth)
  • refried beans (mashed up pinto beans, no seasonings)
  • cooked spinach
  • cooked zucchini
  • 1/4 cup lentils from a can rinsed very properly
  • boiled carrot (about 1 carrot)
  • 1/5 block cubed tofu
  • 1-2 biscuits made with GF flour
  • 1-2 buckwheat pancakes
  • boiled collard greens (about 1 cup)
  • 1 cup soy milk (for ingesting)
  • 1-2 bran crackers
  • 5 strawberries
  • 1/3 cup blueberries
  • 1/8 avocado
  • banana “ice cream” if the ache was very dangerous.

I made a special soup day by day to keep away from being bored. 

I additionally tried ingesting vegan protein shakesa few instances however all of them made me blow up like a balloon. 


    Aloe Vera juice tastes disgusting but it surely was the one and solely “meals” that reliably eased my struggling. Anytime I felt any form of ache I might take a swig of it. (It tastes like low-cost tequila with out the alcohol).

    Sadly, there is not a lot analysis on the digestive advantages of Aloe Vera juice, however I did find this one study the place sufferers with IBS mentioned it improved their signs.


I walked a minimal of 60 minutes (4 miles) per day to extend circulation and “motion encourages motion.” 


There have been a number of instances once I was so backed up and for thus lengthy, that the “constipation” (looks like an understatement) was interfering with my life: I could not sit, I could not sleep, I could not put on pants… it was agony.

When natural “clean transfer” teas and over-the-counter laxatives did not work (even once I “overdosed”), a colon hydrotherapy did.  

I do not imagine colon cleaning will “treatment” critical (or acute) medical issues, as some proponents say, but it surely supplied me aid. Plus, not pooping can turn into a critical medical emergency. I wished to keep away from that. I additionally reasoned if I DID find yourself within the ER from constipation, I used to be going to get some form of colonic or enema anyway… 

My colon hydrotherapist can be the one that recommended aloe vera juice for me 🙂 

I additionally noticed her on a day when my stomach was at its greatest. 

HALF of the tube was crammed with yeast/fermentation (it regarded like the highest of a beer).

There is not presupposed to be ANY of that. The tube must be stable, darkish waste. Seeing all that “foam” was the bodily proof I wanted to assist what my GI mentioned re: fermentation (and what I knew intuitively to be true as properly). 


Thanks once more for all of your assist and I am so glad my authentic posts and movies have helped others discover options and coverings. 

p.s. In case your urge for food is not spoiled, I am posting a brand new wholesome chocolate recipe day by day on Meal Mentor’s Instagram

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