The way to Prioritize Your Life and Make Time for What Actually Issues

For the previous 4 years, my therapist and I’ve used our final session of the yr in December to recap some large wins and set new intentions and priorities for the upcoming yr. It’s not a lot an inventory of resolutions as it’s committing to a mantra. I think about the methods I wish to really feel in order that once I’m making choices, I’m very clear on the why behind them. Final night time was our last session of the yr, and I left beaming over the priorities I’ve set and the mantras we created to maintain me centered on the trail ahead. I’m at all times impressed to listen to what others are engaged on, so within the spirit of sharing, listed here are just a few priorities I’ve set which may allow you to uncover the best way to prioritize your life, too.

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Me, First

A moment of celebration as this was very much a win for me in 2021. For the first time in a while, I took back my calendar and energy, and put myself at the top of list this year. I had been so available for everyone from work to dinners and hangs that I often felt resentful, tired, and always behind. Now, I feel in control of my schedule and most importantly, my mental and physical health.

Here’s what that looks like: identifying the moments you need to pump the breaks. When I travel, I block my calendar two days before and two days after to rest up and catch up on the essentials with work and home. If I’m giving a big presentation or moderating a panel, I block my calendar before for an entire week to rest, move my body, and fully prepare. Listen, athletes have no problem zoning in on what needs to be done to perform their best, and that’s the way I approach my performance in work, friendships, etc.

I’m continuing this as it sets me up to be fully present with my friends, family, and work.

More Honest and Tough Conversations

I grew up an appeaser, one that was afraid of big feelings, “rocking the boat,” or making others feel uncomfortable. Therapy has helped to bring me closer to having tough conversations extra usually. Previously yr, I dove in robust and 100% of these conversations have been price it, and have at all times saved time by being direct and trustworthy. It’s true what they are saying, the extra you may have them, the simpler it will get, and for me, it’s crucial if I’m to actually dwell in alignment and make my relationships flourish and strengthen. If I can impart any recommendation from my expertise: get out of your head making up situations and simply have the dialog. And bear in mind, you’re not liable for different’s emotions, so please don’t take that on. Sure, be form in your honesty, and be liable for your half, however different’s feelings aren’t your drawback to soak up.


Feel like this one is always top of mind, but my approach is different. I know my body and self well enough to know that when I move it, I feel 100% better. In the past, movement has meant breaking a big sweat, going hard, and even on my days off, still doing the most. All things that are impossible for me to sustain. What I want, and what I am prioritizing is 30 minutes of movement every day. Whether it’s a light walk, taking the stairs versus the elevator a few times, walking to the store, swim, bike ride, yoga, stretching, or something a bit sweatier, the idea is that I’m simply doing something. Not for a goal of losing weight, but to live an active life and feel good.

Consumption for the Planet

In an effort to be kinder to the planet and not contribute to waste, I’m reprioritizing how I’m accepting gifting from brands, and how much I’m consuming. One look in my closet and I’ve been a bit indifferent from what I really want, put on, and obtain. There’s no scarcity of clothes rental corporations from Hire the Runway to Nuuly, to not point out my very own sister’s closet. Ever discover how having extra issues takes extra time? Extra time to scrub, take stock, or when you’re like me, spend extra time looking for issues? I’ve made large efforts in my kitchen, storage, and water bottle utilization, and that is subsequent on my listing.

Energy Boundaries

The older I get, the more I understand the types of things (and people) that give me energy and what sucks it up. It’s very much along the lines of my first tip, “Me, first,” which is: I don’t have the capacity to do or be around people (willingly, anyway) that suck my vitality, the vitality of the room, or to be part of a venture that doesn’t mild me up. Our vitality is proscribed, and we have to protect it for these which can be deserving of it. Undecided what to inform somebody that desires your time, and also you don’t wish to give it? Merely reply with, “I’m not obtainable, thanks for pondering of me.” We don’t owe anybody a proof that we don’t wish to give one to. I discussed to my therapist that I’ve been doing this, and I’ve been ruthless with my schedule, and she or he helped me reframe that one to I’m not being ruthless, I’m being very conscious and intentional with the place and the way I wish to spend my time. I hope that reframe helps you, too.

New Year, New Part-Time Location?

I really shouldn’t put a question mark in there because it’s very much something I believe will happen. You know what they say, watch out what you put into the universe because it’ll happen. So here I am putting it out there and excited where it leads. My grand plan is to live outside of Austin during the summer (June 1 – Sept 1) and head back to California and/or Colorado to be closer to the ocean and mountains. The flexibility of working remotely paired with my disdain for Texas summers and my love for the coast and mountains is calling me loud, and I’m working hard to make this a reality. If you’re reading this and think you can help with rentals, spaces, etc., I am listening.

After my therapist and I identified my priorities she said, “How do you want to feel in December 2022 in our last session of the year?” My response?

I want to feel nourished and fulfilled by the way I spent my time, and how I took care of myself, my friends, my family, the community, and the environment.

I think these priorities will help me achieve just that. What are yours?

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